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Importing Excel files with mixed data types: Why some values are converted to NULL and how to get around that problem

  • Sample data to illustrate what happens with mixed data types during import:


Table results after importing file:

  • Values turned to NULL due to Majority Rule on Row Sampling that determines data type:


Row sampling based off registry setting “TypeGuessRows=#”

  • TypeGuessRows # defaults to 8 with a max of 16
  • Setting TypeGuessRows = 0 will scan all rows (per this article)
  • Altering registry is obviously risky and rarely permitted (particularly on servers)
    • TypeGuessRows = 0 would not be a good option in general
    • Even if you set the max to 16 — any values that follow and don’t conform to the data type defined in the first 16 rows will all be imported as NULL

Enter IMEX

SSIS ConnectionString property: Extended property setting of IMEX

  • IMEX modes: 1 is Import , 0 is Export, 2 is Linked

  • All illustrations are in Import Mode

  • IMEX bypasses Majority Rule so that all values become text — as long as there is some mix of types within the row sampling:


But if IMEX only applies to the Row Sampling registry setting (TypeGuessRows = #) — what do you do about the rows that follow (9 and beyond below)?

  • Results in the following whether IMEX is used or not


IMEX Workaround for the above

  • Dummy row


Additional Material