Happy Days Are Here Again

With my history of woodworking (which you’ll find on this site) — it’s like that graphic was custom-made for me.

And it syncs with how I see things in a measured and systematic manner. My career in IT began that way — by simply looking at a problem and saying . . .

There has to be a better way

Months before Elara adopted Jira company-wide, I was developing a pilot program that I planned to present to the team (with the hope that they would be interested and offer ideas to make it better).

The team was using Microsoft Planner — and I’m not a fan, let’s leave it at that. ;o)

I was slammed last summer, and I wanted a way to fluidly manage my workload so that I could more smoothly provide for my customers.

Integrating Jira with OneNote was key to my vision.

The idea was to take the best aspects of one tool and bond it with the best of another. The essentials would go into Jira while OneNote would be used for more in-depth documentation.

But I wanted a URL field to open right into Office OneNote — and it can’t be done.

Not directly, anyway.

I circumvented the problem — with a little somethin’ thing I like to call

If you’re designing a system, it should work like one.

Jira’s custom URL field won’t recognize the Office switch embedded in the OneNote link. I had a field for the online version as well — and it wasn’t the end of the world if I had to navigate there and then go to Office. But my mind was still ticking to see what I might be missing.

I could paste a mile-long link into freeform textboxes — but “messy” is not an option.

If you were to ask the best Jira experts in the world how to navigate directly to Office OneNote from Jira, probably 99.99% of them would tell you that custom-URL field doesn’t allow for what I wanted — and leave it at that.

You have to factor for desire here — how “necessity is the mother of invention” drives your imagination.

I found a way — and ironically, I came up with it while explaining the problem to Jira support. You can’t put a price on those moments — where part of you is glad that you didn’t have what you wanted from the start.

I’ve had many moments like that.

My URL solution wasn’t ideal — but it got me what I wanted, and that’ll do.

This might sound like a lot of hassle for something seemingly small, but I’m of Daryl Dixon’s mindset on The Walking Dead:

If you’re gonna do a thing, you might as well do it right

And besides, I thrive on obstacles. I love to be curious on a quest for what’s possible. If I don’t end up with what I had in mind, at least I know that I explored every angle. And overcoming hurdles and mistakes sometimes leads to something far better than what you imagined.

When your willingness to wonder becomes habit, you’re on the road to a lifetime of discovery.

In solving that problem, now I could take the best aspects of one tool and bond it with the best of another — building a solution for fluidity.

I owed my customers better — and once this program was rockin’ and rollin’, they were gonna get it.

Happy Days Are Here Again . . .

For my perseverance and passion, the Jira support-tech stunned me with a $20 coupon for their store. This sweatshirt was $40, so I got a helluva deal at half off.

It was the perfect color for the style, and everything about it just capped off a difficult experience that led to great things on the horizon.